Dhrupad Concert by Gundecha Brothers


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The idea of raga rules the entire paradigm of Indian music, yet it is the practical constructs that set the various streams such as Karnatic and Hindustani music apart. Dhruvapada (known now as dhrupad) is an ancient form of music encountered in the North Indian musical tradition and there are a number of similarities between dhrupad and South Indian music composed by Dikshitar (1775-1835) rooted in vedanta. This visionary composer from South India had spent 5 years of his life in Varanasi in the late 1790s.

The intention of the guruguha dhruvapada project is to showcase the commonalities between what is perceived as divergent streams of music through a curated presentation featuring the highly regarded dhrupadiyas - The Gundecha Brothers. This presentation would highlight the pan-Indian nature of ragas and the sastriya sangit paradigm and would be a tremendous educational opportunity for all attendees. A recording of this presentation would be an everlasting legacy for those interested in Indian culture.



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